Opacity Storage is powered by OPCT token

This site will introduce the OPCT token and Opacity Storage project from a research perspective.

You will learn why long term holders are so bullish about OPCT and after going through your research you will be also.

OPCT & Competitors


Privacy focused alternative for Dropbox

The OPCT token powers Opacity Storage. Opacity Storage is the most easy to use and privacy focused alternative to Dropbox. Start using Opacity Storage for free today and upgrade later when you reach the 10 GB limit of your free plan using OPCT tokens.

Active development

Something big is coming

The Opacity team is laser focused on making their platform even more attractive for their users. It’s vital for the long term success that users enjoy using the product – the interface is already easy to use and a mobile application is in the works.

Keep up with development by following the official Opacity Announcement Telegram

And get a deeper understanding of all the details in the Opacity Galaxy Whitepaper

Galaxy Whitepaper with decentralization plans
Whitepaper translations for more languages (German, Chinese, Korean & Russian)
New version of webapp. Opacity 2.0
Mobile app with download, upload and file sync
Desktop app for Windows and Mac
Research of using Siacoin to bootstrap decentralization
Bridges to other blockchains
Webpage translations for more languages(German, Chinese, Korean & Russian)
Decentralized storage nodes

Real use case

OPCT token is used to run the Opacity Storage service. Opacity Storage already has thousands of users and is growing every month.

Known team

Opacity team is not hiding their faces or names. They are actively doing weekly video updates and are visible for everyone. Check their YouTube.

Professional approach

Opacity's CEO, Jason Coppola, has decades of experience with product development and has worked with companies like Salesforce, PayPal and Microsoft.

Biggest sprint still ahead

Opacity has had it's focus so far in product development instead of marketing. Marketing will start very soon since big update for the webapp was released.

Loyal community

Opacity has a focused and energized community that is dedicated to the long term vision of Opacity. Community members have already built their own products on top of Opacity.

Growing market

The global cloud storage market was USD 61.15 billion in 2020. Global market is projected to grow from 76.43 billion in 2021 to USD 390.33 billion in 2028 at CAGR of 26.2% during the 2021-2028 period.

Decentralized future

Opacity will be the most innovative decentralized storage system

Opacity Galaxy Whitepaper has all the technical details about how the file storage network will look in the future. Storage nodes can provide a wide variety of different storage plans and users will have the option to choose how they want their files stored with prices adjusted accordingly.

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