Superior product. Low market cap

Storage projects aren’t new in crypto but Opacity has fresh approach of having focus on the end product and making a product that users love to use. More established crypto storage projects have taken the approach of science project where they have built decentralized backends but developing easy to use applications on top of them is pain in the ass.

Opacity started from thinking of what users want and then built the product using AWS backend and decentralization work has started now when requirements of good end user product are known.

Active development

Something big is coming

The Opacity team is laser focused on making their platform even more attractive for their users. It’s vital for the long term success that users enjoy using the product – the interface is already easy to use and a mobile application is in the works.

Keep up with development by following the official Opacity Announcement Telegram

And get a deeper understanding of all the details in the Opacity Galaxy Whitepaper

Galaxy Whitepaper with decentralization plans
Whitepaper translations for more languages (German, Chinese, Korean & Russian)
New version of webapp. Opacity 2.0
Mobile app with download, upload and file sync
Desktop app for Windows and Mac
Research of using Siacoin to bootstrap decentralization
Bridges to other blockchains
Webpage translations for more languages(German, Chinese, Korean & Russian)
Decentralized storage nodes