Continue your research

This site is made by using public information available. You should follow Opacity channels to get fresh information as soon as available since there’s always a delay with new information added to this site.

Sources of fresh information

Official web page

From the official web page you can create your own storage account. There's free plan of 10 GB so you can test the product for free or pay for the upgrade to bigger plan with OPCT.

Galaxy Whitepaper

Galaxy Whitepaper has detailed view of Opacity's future visions.

Public Beta

In public beta you can look behind the curtains. In public beta you can try new functionalities and visuals for Opacity Storage. Note that accounts on public beta aren't compatible with live site and other way around.


Opacity team is making fresh video updates almost every week so make sure you have subscibed to their YouTube.

Opacity Announcement channel

Announcement channel in Telegram has only announcements of important things so it's easy to follow.

Opacity Telegram

Telegram channel is the most active channel to discuss about the project with the Opacity team and Opacity community


Medium has text and image updates from the progress.


Opacity is open source and codebase is published in Github. Developers use private repos while developing but publish those eventually.


Twitter has short updates of progress and shares posts that you can interact with.