What’s coming for Opacity in September?

Opacity Drive – Desktop app for Windows and Mac is now in pre-beta testing to make sure it is ready for beta release to the general public. Beta ETA 9/10.

Opacity Mobile – Mobile app for iOS and Android is in final test stage. We are completing all features and preparing for beta release later this month. Beta ETA 9/20.

Rubic Promotional Campaign – Starting 9/6, we are collaborating on marketing with Rubic to promote their Cross Chain Platform. In addition, this will coincide with making the Rubic token swap widget available on our website so everyone can buy OPCT directly onsite without an exchange. During the campaign, ALL GAS FEES WILL BE REFUNDED BY RUBIC! The widget will also enable cross chain swaps to Polygon and Harmony. More info to come regarding this fantastic promotion.

Sia Integration – Sia backend integration is tested and working. We are enabling integration with the app along with adding a new plan that will include Sia exclusively. The cost of this plan will align with the current cost of the Sia network, so will be more expensive than Opacity plans, but it will be a consumer choice to use it. If the plan is purchased, we will use Sia storage for your account across all our properties including desktop and mobile. Beta ETA 9/24.

Cross Chain Support – We are working on enabling payment support for OPCT via the Polygon network first. Due to above priorities, this will likely be live in October. This will also impact Uniswap liquidity since we will support Polygon liquidity on Quickswap instead. We will pay for any fees to pool members to move to Quickswap when we are ready to accept payments, very likely in October.